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Costa Rica

Hot, so dam hot, that is Costa Rica. But they have cold beer, cold craft beer . So we set off to brew With Volcano Brewing Co in Tamarindo. Volcano Brewing is situated in one of the closest town to the airport up north and is linked to Witches Rock Surf Camp and Hotel so if you into #surfbeertravel like us its the perfect place to eat, surf and drunk Craft Beer.

The beer had to be all about the weather and have a little South Africa and Costa Rica in the mix so we settled on a session IPA with marakoya fruit ( a Costarican passion fruit that looks more like an orange) and some South African hops to spice it up.

The name "Tropican Destination". So we brewed, it was hot so hot but got it done and rewarded ourselves with a surf and a beer.

Costa Rica has an amazing beer culture due to the large amount of American expats that live there, the surf is amazing and the people are great, if you want to know more about this beautiful country and our Beer Vacation check out the article on the upcoming issue of ON Tap mag.Oh the beer will come out at Banana jam Cafe same time as the mag.

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