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Its CBC time and this year 2018 its in Nashville Tennessee. What better excuse to fly half way around the world with a few beer friend to make new beer friends and drink great Craft Beer.

So it was off to the United Sates of America , first stop Atlanta ,Gorgia.

This cities craft beer scene has blown up over the past few years and have a staple of great breweries, brewpubs and craft beer bars. Sweetwater was the first and probably now the biggest we go some great ideas for our USA Vacation Fund Beer from these guys barrel program.


After a visit to Athens ,Gorgia to see our friend Spike from Terrapin brewing Co. it was a hop ,skip and a Jack Daniels to Nashville to experience the World Beer Cup and the Craft Brewing Conference which is held once a year in different locations around the US.

It was a whirlwind of  breweries ,old friend ,great southern food, good whisky and incredible beer.

We had no time to brew on this trip but we where so influenced by the south we decided to brew up our experience in the form of a RIS aged for 6 months in Jack Daniels barrels to bring out that flavor of the south , a beer that will age well and remind us of the fun we had on the trip.

You can gran a can at selected outlets nation wide thanks to Steal Cut Spirits and Tiny Keg and of corse at Banana Jam Cafe & Afro Caribbean Brewing Co in Caoe Town.

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