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It all started over a few pints and a home-brew system in Shawn Duthies garden. From there Greg and Shawn ditched the cooler box mash tun for stainless and upscaled to a 50L brew magic type system and got brewing some cool beers like our RIS and Bacon Chilli.

After deciding to revamp the kitchen at Banana Jam Cafe we thought it would be a good idea to go up a level and open what is now Afro Caribbean Brewing Co and Tap room. 

So in 2015 construction begun and 9 months later we had our brewery, now  we needed a brewhouse. It was only in june 2016 that we got our small 4 HL brewhouse.  Now we have a team of brewing legends who brew 24 different indie ales on tap at Banana Jam Cafe and we are growing , innovating and just having loads of craft beer fun.


We are 100% independent and brew what we want when we want, so pop into Banana Jam or ACBC and try something new.

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